Nesting Towers and Towering Stacks: Unique Ideas for Packaging Multi-piece Products

What do you think about when you hear the word “Nesting?”

     Is it the bird’s home up in a tree? 
     The chicken’s hatching environment? 
     What moms do when preparing the home for a new baby?

At ClearBags, we think about packaging, of course! Nested packaging, that is. What do we mean by this? We’re so glad you asked.

It’s the idea of packing a collection of smaller items inside a larger container. The concept is similar to Matryoshka dolls, also called Russian nesting or stacking dolls. A set of dolls is replicated so that a smaller doll fits inside a larger one until together they form one doll. Often the dolls represent a family or theme.

Children’s blocks are arranged this way, too. Children’s blocks are often nested, with a smaller block inside a larger one, or stacked one on top of the other, especially popular for the ABCs. Here stacking is a towering display.

Nested or Stacked Packaging works exactly the same way! Simply put, nested packaging is placing one container inside another. Stacked packaging resembles a tower of boxes with a wide base and a narrow top. These types of packaging are popular with food, clothing, gifts, and kits, but really can be used for just about any product.

Display different items in the same product category or similar products of different varieties. It makes an impressive presentation and often saves on space. Sometimes, these nested and stacked packaging ideas are intertwined. Here are few examples to show you what we mean.

Nested Towers

Take a look at this candy tower of jelly beans!

Paint a rainbow of color using clear boxes. So many choices, so many flavors! Notice how you can clearly see each distinct color. Each box contains the same shape and size of a similar product, yet each one is unique. Instantly, we’re reminded of all the many different varieties of jelly beans.

Create this tower by using smaller, identical clear boxes and place them inside a larger outer box. It’s a simple design that goes a long way. We have clear boxes designed to accomplish this feat. You can make the tower higher by adding small crystal clear boxes in groups of three or six, depending on the size of the outer container. You can also mix and match candies. Try M & M’s, gumballs, and malt balls.

The nice thing about this design is that you can display the tower in either a horizontal or vertical direction.

Either way, we want to eat all of these jelly beans!

The nested tower isn’t limited to candy. Try packaging spices in these containers. Together they resemble a sort of packaged spice rack.

Similar to the candy tower, the individual spaces are packed using smaller transparent boxes. Like the jelly beans, we see how each spice is different but belongs to the same product category. This idea showcases a green and white pattern. Spices can be interchanged with like colors of different or same varieties. Try alternating garlic and chives or sugar and cinnamon or with each box, a new spice or herb.

Nested Towers are also a great way to package non-food items like socks, ties, shot glasses, and just about anything else. We have boxes available in multiple sizes.

We used our Crystal Clear Pop & Lock Boxes to create these ideas.

For the Jelly Bean Tower, we used these Pop & Lock Boxes:


For the Spice Rack, we used:


Towering Stacks

While the nested towers use identical-sized boxes to create a tower, the towering stack is made from an assortment of different box sizes. Often, each box showcases a different product. This configuration has the widest box on the bottom and the most narrow box placed on top. Like the children’s ABC blocks, these products typically represent a theme or product category.

For instance, take this towering stack of candy. Here we have different items that belong to the same category, and that category is candy. Just who can resist a towering stack of candy?

You see that there is a different product in each candy box. We have candy bars in the bottom box, followed by truffles, and a pink foil-wrapped candy on top! Look at the different textures and complementing pink accents of the paper wrapped truffles and foil. Unlike the nested towers, this nested stack is displayed in the vertical direction only. You can decide how high you’ll stack them. A colorful ribbon pulls the stack and your presentation together.

To make this Candy Stack, we used the following Crystal Clear Value Boxes:

Stacked Gifts 

Speaking of ribbons, a towering stack also makes an excellent gift! It’s a simple way to organize a theme package and display an assortment of small items.

Take a look at this Father’s Day theme stack.

This package includes sunglasses, neckties, wallet, a bow tie, and handkerchiefs arranged in separate compartments. Together, they make a knock-out presentation. Like the candy stack, this stack has a wide base and works its way up to a narrow top, using smaller boxes of proportionate dimensions.

We stacked these Crystal Clear Soft Fold Boxes to put together this Father’s Day gift:

Little gifts can make a big impression, and more boxes mean more to open! And yet, this display is compact and takes up little space on retail shelves.

What about a gift for the baby? Welcome the little one with this festive baby shower tower!

Create this baby-themed stack using our clear cube boxes. Gather baby’s essentials to create a special gift or centerpiece display. This collection includes a pacifier, blanket, leopard-print shoes and, last but not least, a cozy teddy bear. Highlight matching pink colors, while showcasing a unique, tiny item in each box by stacking cubes of decreasing size. Add a soft flourish with a pink ribbon.

To create this baby tower stack, we used the following Crystal Clear Pop & Lock boxes:

Stacked gifts are perfect for baby showers, weddings, birthdays, or any holiday celebration. Easily accessorize with twine or ribbon.

Nested Kits

Nested kits are another way to showcase a theme. Similar to a stacked gift, a nested kit is a collection of products, packaged in an efficient way. It is perhaps less random than a stacked, multi-piece gift and designed with a bit more purpose in mind.

These items may already exist as separate items on retail shelves, but putting them together can be a time saver for your customers. If want to do it yourself, they are fun to put together.

How cute is this mini-cupcake kit with dancer cupcake toppers, liners, and heart sprinkles? This makes a unique gift for valentine’s day or any special occasion.

This nested kit uses three identical clear boxes that are placed inside a larger box. Although here we see the same sized boxes, a kit doesn’t need to follow this arrangement. Boxes with varying sizes work just as well. Just remember to use a big enough outer box to hold all your items.

The possibilities are limitless. Kits for smores, cookies, gardening, pedicures, quilting are just a few ideas. Think of any hobby or interest, and you have a kit in the making.

For this Nested Cupcake Kit, we used these Crystal Clear Pop & Lock Boxes:


Small items grouped together make a big idea package. We hope that these ideas have inspired you to give nested and stacked packaging a try!