Canva: Why You Should Love It As Much As We Do

In the social media world, change is constant. You must work quickly to keep up with inquiries, new product releases and content creation. Finding tools to make this process streamlined is incredibly important.

One of the tools we have found exceptionally useful is Canva! Canva is a free graphic design tool that is easy to use because of its drag and drop interface and suite of templates, fonts and graphics. All the while giving your social media posts a professional edge.

Creating Graphics

Our favorite part of Canva is their variety of design types. Instead of worrying about perfect pixel proportions or trial and error, they have taken the guess work out and created ready to use templates. We frequently use their “Instagram Post” to make it easy to drop a photo in and resize it, instead of trying to make the photo work inside the Instagram app. Once you decide on which design to go with, they give you a wide selection of pre-made layouts as well. Or if you are feeling particularly creative, design from scratch using custom dimensions.

Photo Editing

If a photo only needs minor tweaks instead of an editing overhaul, then Canva has that covered. Pictured is an example of their filter and flip options. They also have a “crop” option that helps you get the perfect fit for whatever template you are using. Another helpful thing we have found is that Canva allows you to enlarge your photo to best fit the template without the image getting blurry.

Drag and Drop

Ease of use is usually a determining factor in whether or not you continue to use a product. What is great about Canva is that even if you don’t have any graphic design background, you will still find that it is incredibly straight forward to use. Our favorite feature is how you pick up what you want and drag it to where on the template you need it to go. From there it can easily be resized.


Perhaps the most important question, how much does something this awesome cost? It’s FREE! You can sign up for free and access a variety of the templates, layouts, fonts, and elements for no cost. There are premium options if you aren’t finding exactly what you are looking for, and the best part about those options is that they are only $1. 

With the amount of tools available within Canva, you can create almost anything for your business and really step up your social media game. Being primarily a B2B company, we want to do the most to support other businesses and help them thrive because your success is our success!