Featured Customer: Kate Weiser Chocolate

Is there anything more delectable than chocolate? No? We don’t think so either. This month we are excited to chat with Kate of Kate Weiser Chocolate about her chocolate journey, and how ClearBags has helped along the way.

Image via Kate Weiser Chocolate
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Kate Weiser Chocolate was founded in August 2014 in Trinity Groves, TX and has since expanded to a second location and has seasonal Holiday Pop Up shops. We specialize in artist hand-painted bonbons and truffles. We are where chocolate meets art and will continue pushing boundaries to create new and unexpected ways of enjoying chocolate.

What makes your product unique? 

My company has a very modern feel to it and the techniques we use in the kitchen are cutting edge. The first thing our customers notice is the presentation of our bonbons. We mainly focus on the ingredients that we use and the flavor combinations and textures.

How do you package your products and what ClearBags™ products do you use?

We use ClearBags all the time to display our beautiful chocolate sculptures. The packaging comes in almost any dimension you can think of, so we never have trouble finding a box that fits our products perfectly.

Image via Kate Weiser Chocolate
Item number: PLB87

Where do you sell your product? 

We sell our products in our 2 store fronts – Trinity Groves and Northpark Center in Dallas, TX. We also sell our products online on our website.

Image via Kate Weiser Chocolate
Item number: FPBI261

How long have you been working with ClearBags™ and how does ClearBags™ help you succeed?

I started using Clearbags since the creation of my business, so about 4 years now.

Image via Kate Weiser Chocolate
Item number: CTES26

What one piece of packaging advice would you give to other business owners? 

Start off using stock packaging before you begin to create custom. Clearbags had everything we needed to begin our brand and as we move forward we have created custom accessories that fit onto our clear bag packaging. It’s a great way to start small and grow into it.

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Item number: B49NF

How can people connect with you?

Instagram: @kateweiserchocolate

Facebook: facebook.com/kateweiserchocolate