Decorative Packaging with Ornate Boxes: For Food, Favors and Gifts

We see four-sided, predictable boxes every day on retail shelves. Why not turn up the charm and package your product in a unique ornate box?

If you ask us, ornate boxes belong in the whimsical, unique or fun category of packaging. Noted for their fancy shapes, ornate boxes offer an alternative to traditional square or rectangular boxes. With ornate boxes, you’re more likely to see geometric-inspired triangles, tubes or cones. Some are shaped with a purpose. Others are just simply cute! Purses, totes, and Chinese-style takeout boxes remind us of the familiar. Twist tops and clover shapes appeal to our playful side.

Ornate boxes are used for all types of products across multiple industries. Popular for packaging food, crafts, party favors, specialty gifts, and niche items, these boxes give products a fresh look. A triangular box for triangular cheese? Yes, please! And who wouldn’t love candies popping out of a box disguised as a purse? A stack of cookies fits like magic inside a tube or when placed in a takeout box gives new meaning to the expression “dessert first.”

On the functional end, some ornate boxes are made for specific products in mind—talk about special treatment. At ClearBags, we carry Wine Boxes for your favorite vintage, available in Clear and Frosted. Ornate Candy Apple Boxes keep decorative apples intact and have a hole for the stick so your apple won’t tip. Let’s not forget cupcakes, because important cupcakes simply deserve their own individual box. Flower Top Boxes are a great option for cupcakes and can include inserts for added stability. Pull a ribbon to close this fancy box and, voilà, your stylish cupcake is ready to go.

One thing’s for sure, ornate boxes get special attention. You can’t help but notice them! Check out this photo gallery and see for yourself. Do you have a favorite box?

Image from Blackshears Berries
Item Number: FS56

So, did you spot your favorite box? We put together a Glossary of Ornate Boxes for a handy reference. We carry the following boxes:

Candy Apple Box – FS56

Clover Top – FS278

Flat Cone Box – FS286

Flower Top – FS181, FS212

Handle Box – FS211

Purse – FS210, FS182, FS209

Takeout Box – FS283, FS284

Tapered Hanging Box – FS180

Tapered Tote Box (Clear) – FS279, FS280

Tapered Tote Box with Window

Twist Top – FS238

Triangular Box – FS239

Wine Box –

Most of our ornate boxes are crystal clear, while our Tapered Window boxes come in natural Kraft and in white paper. All of our ornate boxes are food safe and ship flat to save on shipping costs. Assembly is as easy as folding them into place.

Decorative and always fun, we think your product will be the life of the party inside an ornate box!