Ways to Help Texas – Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief Just by Ordering

Hurricane Harvey, identified as a 1,000-year flood event, has unleashed historical devastation in the state of Texas that will be felt for years to come. In the three times Harvey has made landfall since last Friday, it has has caused catastrophic flooding with more than 50 inches of rain, leaving more than 40,000 homes destroyed and at least 46 confirmed deaths in its aftermath.

Affected areas of southeastern Texas include the greater Houston metropolitan area, Rockport, Corpus Christi, and Beaumont-Port Arthur, and southwest Louisiana; a state of emergency has been declared for over 30 counties.The town of Beaumont (population 118,000) is currently without running water. At least 325,000 people have registered for federal assistance so far with the enormity of the situation still unfolding. While much of Texas is still underwater, rescue operations and humanitarian relief efforts continue.

How ClearBags Plans to Help

ClearBags will be donating 10% of your orders when placed using the coupon code HELPTEXAS between September 1st-September 8th (at no additional expense to you). Funds will be donated to American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Together, we can help support the recovery effort of this catastrophic event. Any donation, no matter how small or large, is greatly appreciated.

You decide if you want part of your order to go to Hurricane Harvey relief. Again, use coupon code HELPTEXAS when checking out to have 10% of your order go to Hurricane Harvey Victims. We thank you for your contributions. 

Note: The coupon code will show a discount of $0.10. This is just to remind us to donate 10% of your order.


How You Can Help

While you can help by donating 10% of your ClearBags order to Hurricane Harvey victims, there are many other ways you can help.

Donate to a charity

Many organizations are undertaking vital work to help save lives and make a difference. To avoid fraudulent scams, consider donating money through established charitable organizations. 

Although not a comprehensive list, here are other ways you can help people affected by Harvey, locally, nationally, or online.

In the State of Texas

On the National Level

  • American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund: assisting is many ways from food, clothing, shelter, and more; the American Red Cross is a well known and trusted organization that has set up a specific webpage where you can donate directly to Hurricane Harvey relief. 
  • The Salvation Army: assisting with immediate efforts to provide food and water to first responders and residents; donations can be made online, by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769) or by texting STORM to 51555
  • AmeriCares: providing medicine and supplies to survivors
  • Save the Children: delivering supplies such as cribs, strollers, assisting families in shelters with emotional needs, and planning for long-term recovery
  • Catholic Charities: providing food, clothing, shelter to assist with short-term and long-term recovery to those from all religious backgrounds

Online Organizations

  • GlobalGiving: a global crowdfunding community with a goal of raising $5 million for Harvey victims
  • GoFundMe: visit this site to see disaster relief campaigns related to Harvey
  • YouCaring: has raised more than $14 million to date with a goal of $15 million; set up by J. J. Watt, NFL player for the Houston Texans
  • Airbnb: offering places to stay for free; waiving all serves fees for those affected by the disaster and checking in between August 23, 2017 and September 25, 2017

Set a reminder to check back in

Set a reminder to check-in a month from now. News coverage moves at the speed of light in our high-tech world, and the victims of this hurricane will long be affected once news coverage moves on to other stories. It would do much good to continue our efforts in the upcoming months.

Encourage others to help

Our reach is limited. If you can think of any friends or family members who would be interested in helping, please, help us get the word out by sharing this post.

These organizations and many others are assisting with recovery efforts to help rebuild the lives of Harvey flood victims. Every bit helps! Please consider making a donation.

Thank you for your help!