9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

It is an exciting time to be a photographer. Whether you want to learn how to take a good picture with your smartphone or get the technical skills to go pro, the information you need is right at your fingertips. We put together a list of photo bloggers that we hope can really help you in your quest to become a better photographer. If you haven’t heard of these bloggers already, we think you should take a closer look. We hope there are some you may not know about. Their extensive blogs are packed full of resources to benefit both hobbyists and working professionals.

Our selection includes educators, speakers, authors, and seasoned masters. Find out about gear, the best film cameras, essential skills, creative tools, tutorials, online courses, tutorials and more. No matter what your area of interest, you can learn something different with each of these bloggers. This list features adventure, travel, landscape, fashion, weddings, wildlife, and sports photographers to name a few. One thing in common all of these photo bloggers share is their passion for photography. Browse through our list of photography bloggers to find out who appeals to your style and interests.


 9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

Karen Hutton is an international landscape and travel photographer who strives to make the world a better place. This former figure skater-horse trainer sees light as her supermodel and favorite subject. Beyond her dazzling images and helpful tips, this Fujifilm-X photographer encourages over 2 million social media followers to find their artistic voice and own it. Interweaving photography and the spoken word, she is the voice of World Vision’s “Giving Tuesday” TV ads for the past three years. As an educator, speaker, and author, Karen invites others to connect their life to their own images and live life as art. Look to her photography blog to energize your soul with insightful posts, information about gear and creative tools, and an extensive offering of online courses.


 9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

If you are a newbie wanting to learn more about digital photography, Photech Pro is the place for you! A graphic designer and animator by profession, Atma Anand Tiwari’s passion is photography. It was his interest in color and animation that lead him to a better understanding of photography and he’s been hooked ever since. Learn how to create stunning photographs just by understanding your camera better. His site offers beginner technical guides on many topics from shutter speed, ISO, and Photoshop for selling your photos online and earning money. Atma has a friendly, open approach, offering pros and cons for choosing equipment and tips to improve your skills.

Dan Bailey Photo

 9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

Dan Bailey has more than twenty years in the field as a professional adventure and travel photographer. His clients include Fujifilm, Niko, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Adventure. His breathtaking photographs capture the breadth of his experience. His focus on technique, creativity, and knowledge aim to help avid outdoor shooters on any level. Gain expertise in gear essentials, tips, industry news, and instructional “How To” posts to get that compelling shot. Access his bestselling ebook X Series Unlimited, information about workshops, tours, and an online course, which includes an invitation to submit your work for personal feedback. He’s committed to helping you improve as a photographer and offers private mentoring to take your skills to the next level.

Dan Carr Photography

 9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

Look out adventure seekers, Dan Carr Photography is sure to take your skills to new altitudes. One look at Dan Carr’s work and you can’t help but feel the majestic beauty of nature. Born in the U.K., Dan Carr traded in his former job as an aerospace engineer for a camera to pursue his obsession with mountains. A top finalist in the prestigious Red Bull Illume world contest in 2013, Dan travels the world to photograph landscapes, wildlife, action sports, and adventure imagery. His commercial clients include major brands such as Apple, Nike, Oakley and Red Bull. Head to his blog for photography education, a “Behind the Shot” analysis of his favorite images, industry news, equipment problem-solving, a gear guide, as well as his personal stories.


 9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

Do you want to pursue your passion? Welcome to CreativeLive, a social online broadcast platform that believes there is a creator in all of us. CreativeLive got its start in 2010 with Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson, two visionaries who wanted to help people develop their creative tools. This site breaks down educational barriers by providing live, interactive broadcasts by the world’s top experts in their fields. Where you live doesn’t matter. With over 10 million students strong, this community site now offers over 1,500 classes, both live and on demand, to help the dreamer in you succeed. Find fundamental courses for beginners and entrepreneurs alike in just about every kind of specialization, including wedding, food, and outdoor photography. The photo and video blog section offers advice, class information, and valuable tips to help you discover your potential.


 9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

The Fashion Camera is a fashion photography blog by Liselotte Fleur based out of the Netherlands. When you think of fashion, you might be drawn to beautiful models and exotic locations. While you will indeed catch a glimpse of this and Liselotte’s own enchanting sense of style, you will also be treated to a blog that is packed full of practical information and advice to benefit any photographer. Take a look at her work behind the scenes, her travel diary, and technical tips. Learn how to find clients, prepare shoots, achieve your brand, and much more. Her stunning array of photographs are a reminder that the world of glamour is a lot of hard work.


 9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

Daniel Marchand has been passionate about photography ever since his aunt gave him a Kodak Brownie 620 box camera at age 11. His work spans photojournalism, studio, corporate, and sports photography with features in auto sports magazines such as Formula, Pole Position, and Le Monde de l’Auto. As someone who deems himself a photographic philosopher, his images evoke a storytelling approach and a focus on the context of life’s surroundings. Turn to his blog for extensive advice about camera equipment and topics like choosing a lens, planning a photo project, photography as personal expression in the digital age, and other thoughtful reflections. This Canadian photoblogger will impress you with a vast amount of technical knowledge as he explores the contemporary meaning of photography.


 9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

Meet Lauren and Rob Lim, your photo friends at Photography Concentrate. If deep down you absolutely love taking photos, this dynamic husband and wife team believes you truly are a photographer. After backpacking through Europe, Lauren and Rob got the photography itch and, soon after, became full-time wedding photographers. Whether you just want to learn how to take a better picture or need the resources for going pro, they want to help people have fun doing it. Their tutorials put the “fun” in fundamentals on topics like light, composition, video, and photography for your business. Lauren and Rob also offer many insightful guides on gear, selecting a camera, and SmartPhone 101 for all the nitty-gritty on using iPhone and Android photography. Look for a free “How to Photograph Life” course, because isn’t that what’s it’s all about? Their love for photography shows with warm, engaging posts and vibrant photos that make you want to pick up a camera.


 9 Top Photography Bloggers You Should Know About

Based out of Colorado, Tom Bol has always loved photography. He has been shooting professionally for 30 years in 7 continents and over 70 countries. His work is featured in editorial, commercial, and advertising industries with a focus on adventure sports, portraits, and travel for clothing brands to worldwide tourism campaigns. While he’s photographing all over the world, he also conducts workshops to sold-out audiences. Named as one of America’s top visionaries by National Geographic Adventure, Tom’s strong reputation for teaching is well-founded. A frequent speaker, contributor to many photography publications and author of three books, Tom says he gets inspired by his students. Head to his blog for his workshop schedule and technical expertise on topics like slow motion exposure, shooting fall colors, creating contrast, and converting color images to black and white. Do yourself a favor while you’re there and take a look at his amazing portfolio.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list has inspired a way forward in your photography aspirations. Photography encompasses technical know-how, creativity, and your own personal style. Maybe one of these photo bloggers will be the key to fulfilling a lifelong dream! Whether you need to find the perfect camera, learn fundamentals about composition and lighting, or get feedback from a working professional, these photography blogs can help you discover your creative potential.

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