Featured Customer: Busy Bee Sweet

Cookies are in a league of their own these days and we are loving how creative people are getting with how to decorate them! This month we are featuring our customer Busy Bee Sweet out of Southern California.
busy bee sweets

Tell us a little about your company:

In 2013 I started with baking cakes for family and friends. Later on that year I found out all about the world of cookies. What began as a hobby became something so much more. It was love at first sight and I fell in love with decorating cookies ever since. In 2015 I found out about Etsy from a friend and she suggested I create my own Etsy page to sell cake toppers and cookies. In 2017 I decided to register my business and hoped to make this my full time job! My main product is custom decorated sugar cookies.

What makes your product unique?

The unique thing about my product is personal touch. I try to focus more on customization and personalization of the final product. I always make sure that I totally understand what my customers want and translate that into a fine product that they will enjoy. “Pretty and tasty” is my motto! There will be times where I add extra work, just to make sure that set is perfect for each one of my customers. Hearing how much my customers love my product is one of the most joyous feeling for me!

busy bee sweets

How do you package your products and what ClearBags™ products do you use?

I love their square kraft box with the matching clear top! They have such a variety of bags in various sizes. I feel that presentation is very important for my final products, every detail of my product that I present, my customers should be able to see through packaging.

Where do you sell your product?

I normally sell my products locally in Long Beach, California. I also sell my product on Etsy.

Busy Bee Sweets

How long have you been working with ClearBags™ and how does ClearBags™ help you succeed?

It’s been about over a year now since I been working with ClearBags. I use their boxes, which really help me with my presentation of my final products. I feel that my biggest weakness of all is my presentation or marketing, but with ClearBags, they have helped me with more options for my presentation. Now, I feel like my cookies look presentable and fancy with the help of ClearBags!

What one piece of packaging advice would you give to other business owners?

I would say to keep trying different ideas of packaging. Try to be unique since you want your product to stand out. The final presentation of your product will definitely help sell your product. And don’t be afraid trying new packaging or spend extra for packaging. It is worthy and I believe it is a part of your selling point.

busy bee sweets

How can people connect with you?

Instagram: @busybee.sweet

Facebook: Busy Bee Sweet

Etsy: Busy Bee Sweet