How You Can Effortlessly Create the Classiest Macaron Wedding Favor

macaron wedding favors
We love, love. So naturally we love most things that come with weddings like gorgeous flowers, the joining of families and dancing the night away with friends. But what we can all probably agree with is that we hate the stress that weddings can bring! Why won’t people RSVP? What if we forget to buy forks and our guests have to eat steak with their hands? Even worrying about the small details like, what are we going to do about wedding favors? 
The bad news is we don’t have any suggestions for why people don’t RSVP but the great news is that we have an easy peasy wedding favor idea to share with you. With these macaron box favors being just four steps the result is elegant and doubles as a delicious snack.

Do I Really Need Wedding Favors?

Of course not. Your wedding can be anything you want it to be! But we think wedding favors are a fun way to bring personalization to your reception and a great treat for your guests. If cookies are not for you, perhaps this list will provide some additional inspiration for your favor needs. 

How To Make Macaron Favors

Items needed:
  • Containers – 1 for each guest
  • Macarons – This tutorial calls for 2 per guest
  • Adornments! This is optional but a great way to make them POP! May we suggest:
Step 1: Grab your container 
We used our 2 inch square boxes which perfectly holds 2 standard macarons. 
macaron wedding favors
Step 2: Assemble
These boxes come flat and then can just be popped open and the sides lock into place. 
macaron wedding favors
Step 3: Fill ’em up! 
With this box, 2 cookies can be stacked on top of each other or placed side by side. Try a bit of both!
macaron wedding favors
Step 4: Adorn! 
This is optional but highly recommend for added cuteness factor. We used a beautiful blush hued ribbon with some texture.
macaron wedding favors
Wasn’t that easy? With macarons coming in every shade of the rainbow, finding flavors and colors to go with your color scheme is blissfully simple and you can always change up the quantity to fit any size container
Let us know what you think of this idea down in the comments and please share your favorite wedding favor idea with us!

*this post was in collaboration with Brandi of Posh Little Designs