Fun Easter Favors Every Bunny Will Love

Hold on to your bunny ears, Easter is on its way! We’ve put together a basketful of ideas for you to make your very own homemade favors. Perfect for Easter baskets, egg hunts, and classroom parties, these DIY favors are inexpensive, easy to make, and couldn’t be cuter. The peeps are in the house in a rainbow array of colors, along with some irresistible bunny bait. You can make these favors with simple bags and ribbons or get more crafty with toppers and stamped designs. There’s something for every bunny in your life. Here’s a peek:

Toddlers, tweens, teachers, and friends alike will have fun with these spring treats. You might like the fresh, colorful spin on traditional favorites like Rice Krispie Treats and S’mores. If you prefer a non-edible option, lip balm makes for an egg-cellent favor. You’ll also find tags made just for teachers, fluffy bunny tails, and favors you can use as centerpieces. Because there’s more than one way to celebrate the peeps in your life, we made room for variations on the peep theme. As far as we’re concerned, there can’t be too many peeps! Enjoy.

Simple As That – This is peeps-on-a-stick in the most adorable way. Holiday fun doesn’t need to be elaborate to be memorable and no one forgets colorful peeps! Printable included.

Use B3X5NF as a bag for for these Peep Pops

Thirty Handmade Days – Here’s a variation on the peeps theme with tags specially designed for teachers. A great gift from the little bunnies in the classroom.

Yellow Bliss Road – Your favorite peeps deserve, well, peeps in their favorite color. Wrap up this treat in a bag and the charming tag does the rest!

The Crafting Chicks – Rainbows come from colorful seeds, didn’t you know? You’ll believe it’s true with you see this favor bag of candied “seeds” created by the Crafted Chicks. Rainbow tag included.

Pretty Providence – Just what’s in a bag of bunny bait? A carrot? Some celery, perhaps? Not a chance! It’s malted milk eggs, of course. The treats in the bag and the colors match perfectly with the printed bag toppers.

Your Home Based Mom – Say Aloha to this skewered peeps-on-a-stick, a la kabob style! Add a few of these favors to a jar of jelly beans and you have yourself a darling centerpiece.

Constantly Stamping – Lip balm in an egg makes a truly egg-cellent favor! If stamping is your thing, you’ll love this non-edible favor that uses the “For Peeps Sake” stamp set from Stampin’ Up. Eggs are available at Target. Place in plastic bags and add your stamp creation.

Yellow Bliss Road – If Rice Krispie treats aren’t already delicious enough, this recipe takes this traditional treat to new heights. Peeps stand in for marshmallows and are layered for a colorful spring treat. Place treats on a stick for a pop-style treat.

Frog Prince Paperie – For donut lovers, this spin on bunny tails is sure to please. Fill powdered sugar donut holes into a cello bag and top with this delightful bunny tail topper.

The Idea Room – This variation on bunny tails is expressly for cotton bunny tails, as in cotton candy! If you’re a cotton candy fan, you’ll be in heaven with this amusement park favorite. Package cotton candy in bags and decorate with toppers.

Smart Schoolhouse – Dare we say, this just might be the cutest sucker we’ve ever seen. This favor uses safety lollipops with little handles that pose as bunny ears. Add a pom-pom for a tail and wrap in wax or Glassine paper sheets. Don’t forget the bow, because all bunnies need one!

Cooking Classy – This bunny bait recipe for Funfetti Popcorn calls for popcorn mixed with vanilla melts, pretzels, M&Ms, and sprinkles. Close goody bags with ribbons. No bunny will be able to resist this favor!

Crafty Morning – Who needs eggs when you have ice cream cones? Fill sugar cones with your favorite Easter treats and wrap in cone bags for a perfect fit. Tie with ribbons for a colorful finish.

Cone bags are perfect for these Easter treats!