2018 Roundup of New Products

Last year our product lines grew in leaps and bounds! We wanted to roundup all the items here to keep you in the loop. As always, our goal is to bring you packaging that helps you grow your business. The latest additions incorporate popular trends alongside the most recent innovations in technology.

Our new products include choices that are greener, easier, and look great, too. We even have a sparkling pillow box created exclusively for ClearBags by our very own in-house designer. Check out Kraft eco bags, child-resistant pouches, more boxes, gussets, and barrier bags for food, and color, color, color! Did we mention color? We now carry multiple lines of stand up zipper pouches in eye-catching shades and styles we know you’ll love. Let’s take a look at the products we added in 2018.

Brilliant Line – Stand Up Zipper Pouches (ZBGB)

Our Brilliant Line of Stand Up Zipper Pouches come in assorted pastels with a flashy metallic tint. These aren’t your everyday colors. Brilliant options include lavender, green, peach, blue and pink. These pouches sparkle and set the mood with a unique, shimmering look. A clear front panel showcases your color while the interior and back panels feature solid opaque colors.

Features: 4 mil thickness, high barrier, resealable zipper, tear notches, and a round hang hole. Available in four sizes.

Bright Line – Stand Up Zipper Pouches (ZBGB)

If you want something flashy, our Bright Line of Stand Up Pouches come in “wow” colors with plenty of attitude. Festive and vibrant, our Bright line colors are teal, red, violet, and fuschia. Similar to our Brilliant Line, these pouches are designed with clear front panels and have color-backed interiors and exterior panels.

Features: 4 mil thickness, high barrier, resealable zipper, tear notches, and a round hang hole. Available in four sizes.

Matte Rose/Gold Line – Stand Up Zipper Pouches (ZBGM & ZBGR)

Our Matte Gold Line of Stand Up Zipper Pouches offer an understated elegance with a vintage vibe. These stand up pouches come in Matte Gold and Matte Rose Gold in two different styles. Choose between our colored-back pouches with a clear front panel or our metallized pouches with solid front and back panels. The non-shiny, flat texture of this matte surface puts the focus on these subtle yet inviting colors. The gold has a hint of luxury while the rose gold is a charming dusty pink.

Features of Matte Line Color-Backed: 4 mil thickness, high barrier, resealable zipper, tear notches, and a round hang hole. Available in four sizes.

Features of Matte Line Metallized: 4 mil thickness, metallized material for highest barrier protection, resealable zipper, and tear notches. Available in four sizes.

Matte Frosted – Stand Up Zipper Pouches (ZBGF)

Add a touch of mystique to the finished look of your product with our Matte Frosted Stand Up Zipper Pouches. These pouches offer a great way to stand out on store shelves while still allowing your contents to show through. The finish is smooth, semi-transparent and non-glossy for a high-end look. The thicker 5.5 mil material provides outstanding barrier protection.

Features: 5.5 mil high barrier material,resealable zipper, tear notches. Available in seven sizes.

High Clarity – Stand Up Zipper Pouches (ZBGCC)

Sometimes a simple, clear package can make the boldest statement of all. Our High Clarity Stand Up Zipper Pouches give customers the real deal – a full view of your product. Made of 4 mil laminated material for extra strong barrier protection, these pouches are thicker than our standard clear stand up pouches. The clear front and back panels provide plenty of space for branding.

Features: 4 mil thickness, high barrer, resealable zipper, tear notches. Available in seven sizes.

Pearl – Stand Up Zipper Pouches (ZBGO)

Our Pearl Stand Up Zipper Pouches with Oval Windows have an illuminating presence on store shelves. Customers are treated to a glimpse of your product through the clear oval window. This is not just your simple white pouch. The pearl white of this pouch is radiant with a opalescent, light gloss finish.

Features: 4.7 mil thickness, laminated for extra strength and barrier, resealable zipper, tear notches. Available in four sizes.

Harvest Rice Paper – Stand Up Zipper Pouches (ZBGR)

Our Harvest Rice Paper Stand Up Zipper Pouches debuted this past year with soft earth tones. A great choice for organic or natural products, these pouches come in four colors: green, orange, cranberry, and purple. The rice paper provides a textured look that is both earthy and sophisticated. The pouches are designed with clear front panels and color interior and exterior back panels. As your product shines through the crystal clear material in the front, customers see the backdrop of these fabulously cozy colors.

Features: 5 mil thickness, laminated inner lining, resealable zipper, tear notches, and round hang hole. Two available sizes.

Round Bottom Gusset Bags (RPBG)

Candy and treats look sweet in our Round Bottom Gusset Bags. A white paper base is attached to the bottom, allowing this round-shaped bag to stand upright. The flat surface makes it easy to display a variety of items including bulk candy, stacks of cookies, candles, and gifts. Accessorize with ribbons or bows for a fancy finish. These bags are crystal clear and heat sealable. Available in four sizes.

Kraft Side Gusset Bags (KSG)

Perfect for takeaway treats from the bakery or a store display, our Kraft Side Gusset Bags come in three sizes. Package baked bread to smaller items like brownies and cookies. A clear full-paneled window runs the length of the bag to show off your goodies. The inner lining is grease-resistant for easy packaging of baked goods. Available in three sizes.

Kraft Flat Heat Seal Bags (Compostable & Non-compostable – KHS)

Our new Flat Kraft Heat Seal Bags offer a natural vibe and come in compostable and non-compostable options. For the best eco-friendly choice, the compostable pouch is lined with plant-based PLA film and is 100% certified compostable. This pouch is available with or without a clear rectangular window.

The non-compostable Flat Heat Seal Bag has a poly grease-resistant lining, making it ideal for baked goods like cookies and brownies. This pouch is matte laminated for a smudge-free, smooth texture and comes with or without a matte window.

Both Kraft pouches work great for items like ground coffee, teas, and snacks and feature round hang holes. Available in eight sizes.

Embossed Pillow Boxes

Treat your customers to a sparkling display with our Embossed Pillow Boxes. Clear pillow boxes are embossed with a spiral-like design in gold or silver foil. This new item is a ClearBags original, created by our very own in-house designer Shihua Ren. Pillow boxes are a favorite for favors and gifts. Package jewelry, beads, wrapped truffles, candy, and more. Available in one size in gold or silver.

3-Sided Window Boxes

Extending our line of Ornate Boxes is our 3-sided Window Boxes in White Kraft. They feature windows with scalloped edges and an optional hole at the top for a dessert stick. These fancy boxes feature a grease-resistant lining, perfect for packaging cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and candies.

Available in three sizes.

Hanging Zipper Barrier Bags (w/ tear notches)

For a barrier bag that is easy to open, look no further! Our Metallized Hanging Zipper Bags are now available with tear notches for when a tamper-resistant bag isn’t needed. These hanging bags are designed with a clear front and color-backed panels. Round hang holes provide an easy retail display. Color options include black, white, silver, and gold. Tear notches are available in select sizes. Bags are heat sealable and feature strong side seams.

Child Resistant Bags (CRT, CRZ)

Using the latest in innovative technology, we’ve added two new Child Resistant Bags to keep your items discreet and out of harm’s way. Our Our Child Resistant Locking Pouches have a metallized poly aluminum barrier and a push-release locking mechanism that requires two hands to open. Uses for this bag include cannabis, pharmaceuticals, detergent pods, or marijuana-infused products. Available in two sizes in black and white.

Our Child Resistant Pouch Bags are larger and are intended for for exit packaging for cannabis products. These pouches are ASTM certified to meet all your cannabis dispensary needs. Features include a pre-printed ASTM message and a unique zipper closure with a pre-printed instruction. One size in matte white. Made in the USA.


That does it for our roundup of new items in 2018. Please check out our website for more details about each of these products, including sizing and pricing. If you need any assistance, are our customer service reps are happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect packaging. Best wishes for a successful new year!