DIY: Valentine’s Geode Heart Cookie Tutorial

Valentine’s Day is now just a couple weeks away and we are bursting with adorable packaging to help showcase all of your artistic creations! We have teamed up with Molly from The Ginger Bites to bring you this super easy tutorial on how to make geode heart cookies for those special someones in your life. We first discovered these cookies on her Instagram feed back in August and just knew that they were the perfect blend of unique and attainable and are so excited that she agreed to create this just for us to share with you.

What You’ll Need:

  • Iced Sugar Cookies (hearts preferably)
  • Royal Icing
  • Sanding Sugar
  • Rock Candy (broken up)
  • Gel Food Coloring
  • Gold Luster Dust
  • Everclear (or vodka)
  • Paintbrush
  • ClearBags Clear Box #FPB61
  • Ribbon
  • Cute tag

On your iced cookie, add a rough outline for the border of your “geode.” Sprinkle the
sanding sugar over the top so that all icing is covered. Shake off excess. Fill in the rest of your
geode with icing & sprinkle with the broken up rock candy, shaking off the excess. Let dry for
approximately 30 minutes.

In a small bowl, combine your gold luster dust with Everclear until you’ve achieved a paint
consistency. Set aside. *This will be used to paint the sanding sugar border of your geode.

In a separate bowl, mix gel food coloring with Everclear until the gel is fully dissolved.
Consistency will be similar to that of watercolor. Keep a small bowl of plain Everclear nearby
to dilute your color more.

Now it’s time to paint your geode! Starting with the gel food coloring/Everclear mixture,
paint the rock candy portion of the geode. Try concentrating some color in one spot &
diluting other spots. This will help add dimension to your geode.

With your gold dust/Everclear mixture, paint the sanding sugar border of your geode. Once
you’re done painting, allow the cookies to dry a few hours and then you’re ready to package!

To make the perfect Valentine set, add a cookie that reads “YOU ROCK” and package in a
ClearBags box. I used style FPB61 which is perfect for two cookies. Add some ribbon & a cute tag for a Valentine that is sure to wow all the loves in your life.


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