ClearBags Valentine’s Cookie Round-up

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and we have been struck by Cupid’s arrow! 😍 For the last month we have been tagged in countless cookie photos on our Instagram and so we wanted to round-up a few of our favorites to share with all of you. It’s the season of love and we are definitely feeling warm and fuzzy about our talented customers and the never ending inspiration we see from them. Enjoy ♥
bakety_bake using our SLB44
blushbakeryca using our KR99
borderlandsbakery using our SFB46
dreamdaycookies using our KR99
jeanniesbox using our KR99
kellys_cookies using our KR15
kelsiebakes using our FP1H46
superstitioussweets using our KR15 and SC15
sugarmommasweets using our WH15
smittenwiththeovenmitten using our SFB39
siftandstirbakeshop using our KR99 and SC99
nomiscookies using our WH15
kryscookies using our WH15 and 14MG
mixed.sugar using our FPB257
teamelkcookies using our B53NF
tiersandflours using our FB225