Halloween Candy Packaging

With Halloween right around the corner, we here at ClearBags have had candy on our minds. If you look around you’ll notice it too, shops and stores everywhere are putting up their fall displays and cute decorative candies. Don’t fall behind this year and get yourself the supplies you need to impress your friends, family, and (of course) trick-or-treaters.

Smaller candies like candy corn, gumballs, jelly beans, and even candy popcorn are all unique in their lack of single-use packaging. That’s where we want to help, with the use of our food safe crystal clear bags and boxes we can make any candy packaging look spooktacular!

Bags for candy packaging

We aim to provide a wide variety of food safe bags to choose from with unique features and designs to complement your candy packaging. With their unmatched clarity, our food safe bags won’t take any of the shine away from your delicious treats.

Using Crystal Clear Bags™ in combination with twist ties and pre-tied bows are an easy way to package candies and keep them tightly wrapped. As a popular example, filling a cone shaped bag with a decorative twist tie on the top is a great look for showing off bright candies while keeping them together.

If you’re looking for a different style to better fit your candies we also carry gusset bags and narrow tube bags, perfect for pretzel sticks, lollipops, marshmallows, and tons of other treats!

You can find our selection of food safe bags here.

Boxes for candy packaging

Our selection of food safe boxes features artisan candy packaging and other containers for chocolates or individual candies. These boxes come with precut squares on a flat grid to help keep your candies from bumping into each other, or with an open concept allowing them to move freely throughout the box.

For packaging larger candies you can use our crystal clear handle or ornate boxes for extra support, fitting for candy apples or larger gumballs. Handle boxes are the perfect tools for providing a sturdy container to keep your candy’s shape, while ornate boxes add an extra touch of decorative fun to the structure of your box.

If you’re planning on using a box for your candy packaging, you can keep it more secure with the use of our clear tamper proof round stickers. Virtually unnoticeable, these stickers can help keep your box lid closed and keep your candies together.

You can find our selection of food safe boxes here.