How to Package Candy Apples and Caramel Apples

With Fall quickly approaching, it’s easy to daydream about what’s around the corner. We’ve got Halloween, pumpkin spice, hot chocolate, and of course… candy apples! Whether it’s an old-fashioned caramel apple with all of its gooey goodness or a candy apple loaded with sprinkles and gummies, there’s always one common issue, the packaging.

Making sure your candy/caramel apple holds it’s decorative integrity while also being protected from picking up any unwanted “toppings” is a tricky task. However, we have clear and Kraft packaging that puts the focus on this scrumptious dessert, while keeping it untouched and looking better than ever. We offer a variety of candy apple boxes and bags to help your products be seen.

Candy Apple Boxes

Clear Candy Apple Boxes

For the more delicate decorations, using a bag will often cause smudging or other unwanted adjustments to your apple’s look. Thankfully, this issue can be entirely avoided with the help of our crystal clear candy apple boxes.

At the top of the clear box is a pre-cut hole that allows you to store your apple with the stick poking through, keeping your apple in place. These are available in multiple styles, giving you the option of going with a traditional cube shape or with something more ornamental. Boxes are scratch-resistant and give your customers a clear view of everything there is to see.

Here are some of the features our customers enjoy the most from our crystal clear candy apple boxes:

  • Crystal clear presentation
  • Hole-tip at the top holds candy apple sticks
  • Stable display for decorated and embellished apples
  • Boxes lock into place for an easy assembly
  • Clear stickers are included for a secure closure

Paper Candy Apple Window Boxes

Our paper candy apple window boxes feature 3 windows on the front and sides. Available in two tones, white and kraft, each style is great for showing off your candy apple prowess. Paper candy apple boxes come with their own advantages over plastic. For example, the paper design is much easier to use for custom homemade branding, even something as simple as drawing directly on to the box. As part of our line of Ornate Boxes, paper window boxes have an easily decorative look and work great for caramel apple gifts.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with our white paper boxes:
  • Three-sided clear window with scalloped edges
  • Pre-cut hole to hold your apple
  • Option to leave hole intact (non-punched)
  • Grease-resistant inner lining for easy loading
  • Clear poly sheet is attached as the window
  • Space and material great for personal branding

Candy Apple Bags

Flat Bottom Gusset Bags

Another popular option for candy apple packaging is our clear flat bottom gusset bags. Each bag is made in a lunch sack style, and comes with or without a white paper insert to further secure your product. This bag has a flat, stable base and expandable sides, perfect for caramel candy apples. Give your candy apple the room it needs to look great and stay clean.

  • Gusseted sides create extra volume
  • Heat sealable and high clarity options
  • Paper bottom inserts offer stability and a classy look
  • Apple sticks are enclosed within the bag
  • Accessorize with ribbons, bows or tags
You can find all of these mentioned candy apple bags and boxes here!

Not sure what to order? Request samples here.

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