15 DIY Christmas Decorations & Treats

If you haven’t noticed by now, we absolutely love making crafts and treats, and this Christmas we have some of the cutest ones yet to help you add some extra holiday magic to your home. Below, you’ll find guides to the best 15  DIY Christmas decorations and treats we’ve found!

This adorable decoration makes for a great centerpiece or a cute addition to your dining room table decorations. Depending on your preference you can create this with real branches or faux. See how to create your own in the link above.
The DIY snowy pine cones are a cute and simple way to add some winter cheer to your decorations They are perfect for a table addition, or you could add a string to the top and make an ornament out of it! Learn how to make your own in the link above.
Ornaments are the perfect craft for Christmas, they can be as easy as you want them to be and still look adorable on a Christmas tree! This is also a fantastic activity for kids, my mom is still holding on to the ornaments I made when I was 5. Follow along and make your own in the link above.

A cute garland over the fireplace or along the stairway can be a great way to add some festive accents to your home. Hang it up with your stockings or above the doorway for some extra Christmas cheer. Learn how to make your own in the link above.

Delicious cookies are never a bad idea during the holidays! And we’re not talking about those pre-made store-bought chocolate chip cookies your older brother brought last year, these are the real deal. Until you give these a shot, don’t commit to any cookie plans this year and you’ll be happy you waited. Get this recipe in the link above.
This is a fun little decoration that’s perfect to craft with the kids. Add it as an ornament to your tree or hang it on your wreath. Either way, you’ll love these cute popsicle trucks. Click the link above to see how they’re made.

Make your house smell like a cozy Christmas with these scented salt dough ornaments! Use this tried and true method of spreading Christmas scents to give your home a little extra holiday cheer this winter. Learn how by clicking the link above.  
Give a little something to the birds this Christmas with these adorable DIY bird feeders. With winter in full swing, those cute birds outside would very much appreciate some homemade meals! Try out this tutorial by clicking the link above.

A modern twist on a Christmas classic, this minimalist DIY wooden wreath will make a great addition to your door and home. Stand out with a unique style while showing off your crafty side this Christmas. Check out how to do it on your own by clicking the link above!
Made with easy-to-find household materials, these adorable little wreaths are perfect for hanging around the house or on the Christmas tree. Color them or add extra materials for some extra spunk! See how to make your own from the link above!

These felt Christmas trees decorate your house with cozy holiday cheer! The best part about these is that they can fit in with any other Christmas decorations, a soft felt mini Christmas tree will never go out of style. Learn how to make your own in the link above!

Sweet treats are a must during the holidays. Forget the store-bought stuff, this year it’s time to make some real Christmas treats. Thankfully, we have the recipe right here for you! Learn how to make these in the link above.

Christmas time has many flavors associated with it, but none hit the mark more than peppermint. Make these peppermint cookies for a party or for yourself this season, pair them with hot chocolate for maximum tastiness! Learn how to in the link above.
There’s no such thing are too many treats at Christmas time, and you can prove that to your friends and family by adding these amazing pinwheel cookies into your dessert rotation. They’re easy to make and (even better) they’re easy to make look great too! Get the recipe in the link above.
If you really want to get ambitious with your cookies this year, then look no further. Making twist candy cane cookies is the tastiest way to show off your culinary talents. Remember: you can never bring or make too many cookies! Get the recipe in the link above.