10 DIY Chinese New Years Gifts

We’re a couple of weeks away from Chinese New Year’s and we absolutely love the decorations and gifts that people make every year! So if you’re celebrating or even hosting a party, we’ve got the perfect list of inspiration right here to help you usher in the new year. Here are some of the best DIY ideas we’ve come across for gifts and getting your home looking festive.

These are one of my all-time favorites for any holiday you want. Using a well-folded piece of paper, you can make your own (unedible) fortune cookies with your own treats, messages, and gifts hidden inside.

Usually handed out to children and kids, a traditional Chinese red envelope with money inside is a staple for Chinese New Year’s celebrations.

Don’t welcome the new year in silence, use bell sticks to join in the celebration and let the world know your excitement!

Riddle lanterns are great for group games with your family and guests. Using unique riddles for every lantern, you can see who knows the most answers while encouraging your guests to get a detailed look at the awesome decorations you made.

An easy and adorable way to add color and decoration to any situation. Use this year-round to have paper flowers are every party!

If you thought the bell sticks weren’t loud enough, we got you covered. These toy drums make great toys for children and are very effective in being louder than you remember.

Chinese folding fans are perfect for any Chinese New Year’s celebration or rooftop sword fight. Here’s an easy guide for how to make your own!

Fortune cookies are more often than not given out individually. This is absurd. Give your friends and family a whole bag of good fortunes wrapped in shells of vanilla-flavored bliss with a fortune cookie pack.

Mixing a little bit of Japanese and Chinese culture on this one, making origami decorations are a fun activity for anyone. Forget the cranes and celebrate the year of the rat with adorable little origami rats.

Adding a slight modification to white-colored Christmas lights can give your party a spot-on Chinese New Year’s aesthetic. Using red paper lantern caps will set the room and impress your guests every time.