A Guide To Nested Boxes

Looking for a way to pack your gifts together? Check out our guide for using nested boxes to package your next gift. In case you missed it, watch our Instagram TV video going over these nested boxes!
Nested boxes are great for keeping everything together and make a perfect solution for packaging gifts that are meant to be enjoyed together. Use a bow or decorative string to add a little extra flair too!
Nested boxes also make it easy to show off your more colorful products. Made with crystal clear plastic, you can use nested boxes to organize by color or make a rainbow of candy!
Available in multiple tower sizes ranging from 2 boxes to 8 boxes tall, nested boxes are able to hold treats and gift bundles both big and small. This is especially useful for treats with multiple ingredients, such as s’mores or trail mix.
Although they’re great for candies and treats, our nested boxes also make for great packaging for toys and crafting supplies. Keeping gaming pieces together can be a real headache, use nested boxes to help organize and compartmentalize your easy-to-lose items.
Nested boxes also work well as individual containers, featuring easy-to-use pop locks that keep your items secure and accessible.
Keeping your nested boxes together is also easier than ever with our crystal clear plastic casing around the tower. The long square-shaped tube holds all of your boxes together in a tower, ensuring they won’t be misplaced while looking great on display.
With so many potential different uses for nesting boxes, our customers have been finding tons of new and creative ways to package their products. Stack them in a tower or use them as small individual boxes.