Protect & Preserve Comic Books

You don’t have to be Professor X or a Superhero to know that improper storage of a comic book can have a devastating impact on its half life. Whether you have collected, inherited, or purchased to resell, it’s crucial to maintain mint condition of your comics. Since we haven’t fully grasped the knowledge for time travel, today we’ll just explain 3 simple steps to protect the original status of your comic book.

Step 1:

Every comic needs its own Crystal Clear, acid free, archival safe bag. Our biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) Comic Book Bags come in the ideal sizes for each generation of comic books. Our Comic Book Bags include two different sealing options: Protective Closure Bags and No Flap (no glue) Bags. See all Comic Book Bag options here.

What does Protective Closure mean? A Protective Closure Bag ensures that the adhesive will not touch the comic book when inserting or reusing the bag. The adhesive strip is on the bag, not the flap. No Flap Bags simply mean that the bag is open at the top with no adhesive glue. These bags are great for easy access to your comic books without worrying about a sealed top to open.

Step 2:

Don’t let your comic books shape-shift without a backing board. Imagine having a Marvel Spotlight #5 tucked away ever so carefully just to find acid damage starting to form. This can be the result of using common cardboard to back your comic. To keep your precious comic book straight, upright, and in pristine condition, you will need an acid free backing board. ClearBags to the rescue! Our acid free backing boards are precisely cut for any era of comic book. Check our comic book backing link to find the perfect size.

Step 3:

Simply keep your nicely backed and bagged comic books in a storage box or bin. Make sure you keep this box in a cool, dry place. Direct sunlight to any comic book will lead to irreversible damage; a basement or a dark closet is often recommended.

Well, there you have it. Now you are ready to preserve your comic books and enjoy them for years to come. Taking proper care of those comic books is essential. Remember, you are your comic books’ last hope!