National Popcorn Day

January 19th is National Popcorn Day! To celebrate, check out our variety of “butter-ful”
packaging options.

Shaped Pouches

Who doesn’t love the classic look of a popcorn bag? Our Popcorn Shaped Pouches come pre-printed with vertical red stripes and can stand up for convenience. Their heat sealable, scallop-edge top is perfect for keeping your popcorn fresh and the tear notches make it easy to open after sealing. Whether filled with sweet or savory flavors, these bags are sure to bring a smile with their modern twist on a nostalgic look. 

Seasonal Pouches

Whether you’re celebrating National Popcorn Day or getting ready for other holidays like Easter, Halloween or Christmas, listen to this “kernel of wisdom” and order our Seasonal Pouches before the rush. These pouches come in bright, vibrant colors and patterns to match any holiday and can dress your popcorn for any occasion. Keep your popcorn crunchy with a heat sealable top and a resealable zipper. 

Stand Up Pouches

We know it sounds “corny” but our Stand Up Pouches are an “a-maize-ing” choice to stand out in a retail environment. Available in Rice Paper, Kraft, Glitter, and Metallic materials, you can easily add your logo via stamp or label as a personal touch. Many of our zipper bags come with an optional rectangle or oval shaped window or a completely clear front to let your beautiful chocolate-drizzled or caramel colored popcorn be the main selling point!

Cone Shaped Bags

If you’re looking for a fun popcorn favor for your party, reception, or event, these Cone Shaped Bags are a perfect choice! They come in two sizes and thickness options for a single-serve portion of popcorn goodness. Each bag can be quickly heat sealed or tied off with a twist tie, ribbon, or pre-tied bow and used in a self-serve popcorn bar or as a pre-filled favor.

Gusset Bags

Here at ClearBags, we offer a variety of gusset bags in different shapes and sizes to accommodate popcorn for any occasion.

Our Round Bottom Gusset Bags have a food safe, white cardboard insert to keep the base flat, allowing the bag to stand on its own. The top can be heat sealed to ensure fresh, crispy corn or tied off with a ribbon or bow. 

For a tall, narrow option, try our Stand Up Zipper Pouches. Available in clear or frosted, these bags come with a pre-punched hang hole for easy retail selling when shelf space is unavailable. Each bag is heat sealable with tear notches for easy opening. Can’t finish the whole bag? No worries! These bags have an airtight resealable zipper to lock in freshness for popcorn you can enjoy for days.

Samples Available

With so many options, we want to make sure you choose the right bag to keep your delicious sweet or savory popcorn fresh and looking “poppin’.” We offer free, mailed samples so you can try our bags and see which one will be the right fit. One of Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you order samples over the phone or you can request them online by visiting our website.