St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Packaging

Saint Patrick’s Day is around the corner! See how some of our customers use ClearBags products to package their holiday cookies!

Crystal Clear Boxes

Here at ClearBags, we have hundreds of Crystal Clear Boxes in various sizes. These boxes are the perfect way to let cookies shine. Made from food safe crystal clear material, these boxes give a perfect view of your sweets, treats, and gifts. To decorate, simply add colorful filler and use stickers, ribbon, stretch loops, and more!

@Shopgirlcookies created these Lucky Charms Cookies!
Box pictured: FB16
These Shamrock cookies were made by @Shopgirlcookies!
Box Pictured: FB58
We have boxes in perfect sizes for single cookies like these ones made by @PrarieBeesCookies
Box Pictured: VB306

Stand Up Pouches

Perfect for mini cookies, treats, or crafts, Stand Up Pouches come in a variety of colors, sizes, patterns, and more! Our Stand Up Pouches feature an airtight, reusable zipper but can be heat sealed to make sure the contents stay fresh and secure. Easily decorate these bags by adding a printable, decorative stickers, or a pre-tied bow or ribbon.

These Metallic Stand Up Pouches are a cute way to package your cookies! @Bougecookieco
Bags Pictured: ZBGB3GR and ZBGMG3
Paint Your Own Cookie Kits are so creative! @Teenyandbiggs packaged the kits in a Kraft Stand Up Pouch
Bag Pictured: ZBGKC3H
@BakedBlessings packaged their mini sugar cookies in a Kraft Stand Up Pouch with Gold Dots & Stripes!
Bag Pictured: ZBGSW3SDG

Flat Bags

Whether you’re packaging a single cookie or a set of 3 or 4, we have flat bags available to create the perfect cookie stack. These bags comes in various sizes and materials to accommodate any sized cookie, baked good, craft, and more! You can heat seal these bags or simply tie them off with cute ribbons or bows for decoration.

@TeenyandBiggs uses these flat bags to store these cookies even a leprechaun would love!
Bag Pictured: FP1H312
Heat Sealable Bags are a great way to package single serve cookies!
Bag Pictured: SFB55M

Paper Boxes

With so many unique cookies out there, be sure to find the right packaging that will make it shine! We have Two-Piece folding boxes, Kraft Paper Window Boxes, Kraft Ornate Boxes (with scalloped windows), Kraft Paper Boxes (with open windows) and Colored Kraft Paper Window Boxes (with attached windows) that work perfectly for cookies.

Two-Piece Folding Boxes are easy to assemble and a beautiful way to package and display delicious cookies this holiday! Box bottoms come in 9 different colors and 2 different depths, and tops are available as a slip cover or collapsible box top.

@Tearsandflours created this beautiful pastel rainbow to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day!
Box Bottom Pictured: WH99
Box Tops (sold separately): BT99 and SC99
For cookie sets like these ones by @CustomcookiesbyKraus, use some filler in the bottom of the box to rest your cookies! Your customers, family, and friends will be over the rainbow!
Box Used: KR15
Box Tops (sold separately): BT1 and SC15

Kraft Paper Boxes come with either an attached crystal clear window, an open window, or window inserts. Their natural kraft material is the perfect way to showcase your beautifully decorated cookies for sale or gifting. Your customers are sure to feel like they’ve found the gold at the end of the rainbow when they receive your cookies!

@treats_2b_treasured created these lucky sweets and packed in a Kraft Paper Window Box!
Box Pictured: WKRG5
Window Inserts Available to cover the open window
Box Pictured: WKRS246

Also available in Colored Kraft Paper with Attached Windows or Ornate with a Scalloped Window, there are so many different ways you can choose to package your cookies

With a beautiful scallop-edged window, these ornate kraft boxes are a great way to add a little extra pizzaz to your packaging decoration.
Box Pictured: WKRG227
@Sprinkles + Sugar & Spice created these pots of gold at the end of the rainbow!
Box Pictured: WGWG2

Whether you’re packaging single cookies, sets, or mini cookies, we have boxes and bags that are sure to bring you luck this St. Patrick’s Day! With more variety than the colors of the rainbow, we are proud to offer free samples so you can find the perfect box for your cookies! Show us how you use ClearBags packaging in the comments or by tagging us on Social Media.