A Guide to Metallic Box Toppers

Our new Metallic Box Toppers are a perfect way to dress up any box. With 4 different colors and sizes, these boxes will fit any event, party, gift, and more!

These box toppers ship and store flat, but application is easy with the following steps:

1. Assemble and fill your box — these metallic toppers come in 4 different sizes to accommodate various box sizes. The boxes are sold separately.

2. Remove the protective strip from the reusable adhesive on the back of the topper

3. Place the top edge of your box on the center of the reusable adhesive — if you want the ending plume to be shorter, place the adhesive a little lower on the box.

4. Fold over each side of the topper along the top edge of the box, overlapping the ends where they meet

5. Gather the remaining material and tie it off with ribbon, string, pre-tied bows, etc. — The topper will create a plume similar to tissue paper sticking out of a box.

For a firecracker look, place a topper on each end of the box.

Show us how you’ve dressed your boxes with these metallic toppers in the comments or by tagging us on social media!