Top 5 Ways to Package Macarons

With bright colors and big flavors, Macarons deserve packaging that will let them be the star! Here at ClearBags, we offer many different options to package these delicious treats. With help from Sweet Mac Shop, today we want to show you the Top 5 Packaging Solutions for Macarons. 

All photos were provided by Sweet Mac Shop (@SweetMacShop,, Sweet Mac Shop)

Macaron Box Sets

Our Macaron Box Sets were specifically designed to hold sets of macarons. Whether you’re packaging 2 or 25, these sets beautifully showcase your colorful macarons with crystal clear inserts and boxes. Available in packs of 25, these box sets can be easily decorated with stretch loops, ribbons, stickers, and more! Sweet Mac Shop even uses twine and cards to make these sets extra cute! 

Flat and Gusseted Bags 

For a classy, clear way to display a stack of Macarons, our crystal clear bags are a fantastic option with so many possibilities! Their crystal clear material allows your macarons to really be seen and stand out. Gusseted bags come with a little extra material on the sides to fit the beautiful round shaped macarons. With a variety of sizes and styles, these bags are a perfect option for any number of macarons to be on display. 

This flat crinkle bag is perfect for storing large sets of cookies!

Another sweet option Sweet Mac Shop used for this colorful set is our Round Bottom Gusset Bags. With a round paper insert in the bottom, these bags can stand on their own when filled and are the perfect size for a small stack of sweet macarons. 

Tube Kits

Tube Sets can be used for treats, crafts, cosmetics, and more, but we love what Sweet Mac Shop has done with this square tube! Available in different shapes, Sweet Mac Shop used the Square Shaped Tube Set to package this assortment of macarons for an eye-catching display. 

Glassine Envelopes

For a wedding favor, party thank you, or small gift, Glassine Envelopes are a beautiful and easy way to package one or two macarons. Decorate these envelopes with ribbons, stickers, cards, and more! We love how Sweet Mac Shop used a binder clip to attach ribbon and card. The frosted look of the glassine envelopes allow you to decorate for any occasion, holiday, or event. 

Stand Up Pouches

With hundreds of colors and sizes, Stand Up Pouches have so many uses, but Sweet Mac Shop used these for macarons and we love it! The smaller sizes can be used for macaron sets of 2 or 3 and the larger bags can be used for large sets to accommodate any gift, party, or event. When filled, these bags can stand on their own and will look beautiful in any retail environment or on display for any occasion. 

Next time you’re looking to package macarons, be sure to try out some of these options. We love and appreciate our customers like Sweet Mac Shop and all the creative and unique ways that they package their products! 

We’d love to see how you package macarons! Tag us on social media or comment below.