National Muffin Day!

What is muffins spelled backwards? Exactly what you do when you take them out of the oven! February 20th is National Muffin Day. Whether you’re packaging these yummy baked treats for retail, markets, gifts, weddings, or party favors, these packaging options are sure to stand out!

Note: some packaging shows cupcakes, but were designed to work for muffins as well!

Bag Sets:

Available to hold regular sized muffins (single or double) or Minis (double or 6 pack), bag sets come in clear, frosted, or frosted with polka dots! These sets come with a specially-designed inserts to securely hold muffins in place.

For a single muffin:
CBG1 (clear), CBGF1 (frosted), CBGD1 (frosted with polka dots)
For a Pair of Muffins:
CBG2 (clear), CBGF5 (frosted), CBGD5 (frosted with polka dots)
For a duo of MINI muffins, use CBG9
Give a half dozen mini muffins as a gift, thank you, or party favor! Available in Clear (CBG6), Frosted (Pictured Above: CBGF7), and Frosted with Polka Dots (CBGD7)

Zip Handle Bag Sets

For easy transportation, Zip Handle Bag Sets can hold 1, 2, 4, or 6 muffins.

Clear Single Muffin Boxes

Perfect for gifts and favors, these clear box sets come with an insert to securely hold your muffin.

For a Jumbo muffin, use CBS208
Flower Top Boxes give an elevated look- perfect for a gift or favor. CBS212
The Twist Top on this set is easy to use and gives a finishing look. CBS238
Simple and easy to use, Single Boxes can be decorated using stretch loops, stickers, or bows. CBS56
The Handle Box is adorable!

Two or More Clear Box Sets

Clearly display a pair of muffins in CBS174
Deliver a pair of muffins as a thank you with CBS173
For a sweet quad of muffins, use set CBS177
CBS175 holds and displays a half dozen of baked muffins!

Widow Handle Box Sets

Available in Kraft or White, these windowed boxes are a beautiful way to display and gift a single or pair of muffins!