Love Your Pet Day!

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! We wanted to share some of pet-friendly packaging and a few ClearBags furry friends.

Jaxson belongs to one of our Graphic Designers! Stand Up Pouches are a perfect display for treats!
Bag Pictured: ZBGW3KB
Obi is our Marketing Leader’s fancy feline! His favorite treats are in the ZBGW3KP stand up pouch.
Also available with a single-paw design, these bags give a sneak peek at treats for dogs and cats alike!
Bags Pictured (Left to Right) ZBGW3KP, ZBGW3KP, and ZBGW3KSP.
Also available with a cute rabbit shaped window!
Bag Pictured: ZBGSW3R
Tin Tie Bags come with or without a window and in a white or krafted option– the possibilities are endless!
Puppy Pictured: Kylo
Bags Pictured (Left to Right): TTW2W, TTW1W, TTW2K
Printed Gusset Bags are ideal for party favors, gifts, and more! For a finishing touch, tie these bags off with a bow or fold down and secure with a sticker.
Bag Pictured: G4PAW
Nested Box Sets (NBS2 pictured on the left) is a fun and unique way to package a variety or set of treats, toys, and more!
Decorative Tubes (CTHS36 pictured in center and CTRS26 pictured on right) are easy to assemble and give a 360° view of bones, toys, or other treats.
With a crystal clear view of it’s contents, Clear Boxes come in hundreds of sizes!
(Box Pictured: FPB158)
COMING SOON! This Paw Print Shaped Pouch is Paw-sitively adorable! With clear sections and a kraft back, these bags are sure to stand out! Keep your eye out for these in the future!

We love seeing what YOU will do with these fun pet-friendly packaging options! Don’t forget to tag us on social media!