National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day

ClearBags started as a small business 31 years ago by our founder Benny and his family. It has now grown into a company with over 5,000 stock products. This National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day, we want to highlight some of our customers’ unique small businesses and how they use ClearBags products.

Saltwater and Sourdough

Located in Mount Pleasant, SC, Saltwater and Sourdough specializes in handcrafted artisan sourdough. For packaging, the owner of this small businesses, Kara, uses our Kraft Bread Bags (like the KBB5). These Kraft bags feature a window so beautiful loaves can be seen while staying protected.

Visit their website:
Instagram: @saltwaterandsourdough

The Art of Soil

Karen from Wyoming is the owner of this creative company that creates soil-based, ecologically considerate watercolors with the goal to connect you with soils. For packaging, The Art of Soil uses Kraft Compostable Heat Seal Bags and stamps their logo on the front for a personalized look.

Visit their website:
Instagram: @theartofsoil

Spin Bliss

Specializing in a fun party element for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and more, Spin Bliss is a custom cart service that makes cotton candy! This small business creates sweet spun treats using traditional and organic sugars and produces candied floss in familiar as well as eccentric flavors. Spin Bliss uses shaped pouches to package cotton candy. With clear sections, your product can easily be seen!

Instagram: @spinbliss

Aviate Press

Illustrator and Owner Ava creates paper goods and lifestyle products to bring a smile to your face and lift your spirits. With beautiful and creative art prints, cards, stickers, and more, Aviate Press uses a variety of packaging materials from Envelopes and Flap Seal Bags to Backing Boards and Crystal Clear Boxes for card sets.

Check out her Linktree:
Instagram: @aviatepress

Soulful Spirit Candle Co.

Located in Wallingford, CT, Soulful Spirit Candle Co. specializes in handmade soy and beeswax candles, melts, and more. With scents such as Limoncello Creme, Matcha Tea & Bergamot, Cinnamon Spice Cookies, and more, owner Leah uses our Kraft Artisan Candy Set (CNDYR275) for a box set of 6 tealights.

Visit their Etsy Shop:

Instagram: @soulful_spirit_candle_co

Surfin’ Spoon

Founded in 2012, Surfin’ Spoon is a is a fun, little frozen treat shop specializing in soft serve and handcrafted ice cream sandwiches. As longtime ClearBags customers, Surfin’ Spoon now does custom printed bags for their sweet treats. Their advice when ordering custom bags is: “…give yourself plenty of time and go over every detail twice! The reward of having your own custom packaging is huge, but it is a very involved process, so don’t rush anything.”

Check out their website:

Instagram: @surfinspoon

Celebrate and support Mom & Pop Business Owners this national day! If you would like your small business featured on the ClearBags blog, be sure to tag us on social media!

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