Countdown to Christmas with Advent Calendars!

It’s TIIIIMEEEEE!! We’re counting the days until Christmas and you can too with your own advent calendar! Today, we want to share some of the creative ways you can use ClearBags products for your own advent calendars!

Candy Tackle Box Sets

Each year, Daisy Pops create these beautiful and delicious cake bite advent calendars. Each yummy cake has it’s own spot in our 12-piece Candy Tackle Box Sets. Paired with the Kraft Slip Cover and a Metallic Stretch Loop for a finishing touch, these advent cake calendars are a sweet way to countdown to Christmas.

Box Set used above: CTBS34
Photos by: Daisy Pops

These boxes can also be used to hold candy, truffles, small figurines, jewelry, parts of a special craft, small messages on slips of paper, and more! With so many different ways you can personalize these Candy Tackle Box Sets, these can be a fun gift or activity for children and adults alike.

Size above: KPB100

Kraft Pillow Boxes

Mamas Kram Blog showed this idea for a fun, crafty advent calendar on their Blog. Instead of using toilet paper rolls, use ClearBags Kraft Pillow Boxes! With different sizes available, you can easily decorate the outside with stickers, ribbons, washi tape, or stamps.

Glassine Envelopes

Glassine Envelopes can hold sweets, small ornaments, small papers with activities, quotes, or service, or pet treats for your furry friends! Available in various sizes, these semi-transparent envelopes give just an idea of what’s inside.

Envelope used above: G4

Nested Box Sets

Nested Boxes are a unique and eye-catching way to make an advent calendar. With small inner-boxes that fit inside of a larger outer box, these sets can make counting down to Christmas fun!

Each small inner-box can be filled with small ornaments, messages for fun holiday activities or memories, candy, and more. For an extra special touch, include opaque glitter boxes for every few days or for extra special gifts or activities.


With 24 envelopes, you can make a festive, fun advent calendar. Emerald City Diaries Blog created this envelope countdown and we love the idea! ClearBags offers premium envelopes in a variety of colors — including a festive Holiday Red. Fill the envelopes with different holiday activities, stories, challenges, or notes to make this advent special.

Zipper Bags

To keep your advent gifts contained, consider using ClearBags Zipper Bags.
Diana’s Tea Shop used a small zipper bag (2PR22) to store small bags of tea inside their box calendar. With hundreds of sizes and options, Zipper Bags are perfect for crafts, treats, cosmetics, food, and more!

Get into the holiday spirit day by day with your own Advent Calendar! Whether you use Envelopes or Pillow Boxes, ClearBags is happy to celebrate the holidays with you!

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