How to Gift Caramel and Candied Apples

Have you ever heard the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Apples are known to symbolize good health, so giving someone an apple at the start of the New Year is a way of wishing them good health for the rest of the year. 

Traditionally, people would give a raw apple as a gift, but as times have changed, and our favorite way of gifting apples are caramel covered or candied! ClearBags has the best packaging for apple gifting!

Kraft Paper Windowed Boxes

These easy-to-use boxes keep your apples protected while also keeping them on display with clear windows

Designed with windows to show off beautifully decorated candied apples, these boxes will keep your apples protected while keeping them on display. 

Available in White, Kraft, and new Black Kraft, each box comes with a hole at the top for the caramel apple stick and can be decorated using stamps, ribbons, stickers, and more! 

Round Bottom Gusset Bags 

With a cardboard insert for extra stability, these gusset bags are perfect for packaging a sweet apple! These bags come open ended for easy loading and are available in clear, frosted, or holographic. To best fit an apple, we recommend using RPBG4, RPBGH4, or RPBGF4. To close these bags, tie a ribbon around the stick for a finishing touch. 

Clear Caramel Apple Box 

Some like their apples with caramel, some with chocolate, others covered in candy or crushed sandwich cookies. However you like your apples, you can be sure they’ll stay safe and protected in these Clear Caramel Apple Boxes! Also available in an eco-friendly option (made of rPET materials), these boxes are a perfect 4” x 4” x 4” square and come with a cutout at the top for the stick to poke through. 

Flower Top Box

With a beautiful, ornate top, Flower Top Boxes give an elevated look to caramel and candy apples. This hexagonal box is 6-sided and forms a flower top when tied with an opening for the apple stick. 

Keep the tradition of wishing good health for the new year alive, but with a modern twist – caramel and candy apples! ClearBags has your back in providing the best packaging for your sweet treats!