How to Make Candy Snackle Boxes

Snackle Boxes have quickly become one of the internet’s favorite treat boxes! With the ability to make a unique snack box from your favorite treats or snacks, you can make Snackle Boxes to take to a movie, picnic, game night, library, as a fun favor for a party, or anywhere you’d like to munch! Today, we want to share our helpful tips on making a beautiful and yummy Snackle Box!

Step 1: The Snackle Box

Choosing the right Snackle Box is key to a fun and functional Snackle Box. ClearBags offers “Tackle Boxes” in many different variations — from boxes with 4 square-shaped sections to 12 circle-shaped sections! Each box comes with a lid that snaps on and keeps your snacks contained.

Step 2: The Snacks

With so much versatility, you can go sweet or savory or a mix of both with your Snackle Boxes! Bite-sized snacks work best, but you can always put pieces of your favorites in your box! Simply fill each section of your box with a variety of treats or snacks, snap on the lid and you’re good to go.

Step 3: Take it with you!

Once the lid is snapped on, place your Snackle Box in your purse, backpack, book bag, cooler, or however you want to take it! The lid will keep your snacks contained while you’re on the go.