10 DIY Valentine’s Day Favors

Valentine’s Day is one of the more special holidays of the year. Of course, it gives us the opportunity to show our loved ones how much they mean to us, but it also makes the perfect excuse to bust out your creative side! Make some fun decorations and treats this year with a little inspiration from our DIY Valentine’s Day favor list. Check out our favorites we found!

A modern twist on an original classic, this love letter is less about the letters and more about the love! Check out this guide to see how you can make your own strawberry-filled love note strudels!

Not ever favor needs to be a “gift”. Sometimes you want to just show your friends how much you care about them through a fun and rewarding activity. These “build it yourself” cookie packs are perfect for those trying to give a less romantic kind of favor this year. Follow the link to get see how you can make your own!

If you’re looking for a more personal Valentine’s Day favor, this is a no-brainer! Building your own picture box is a cute and convenient way for your loved ones to keep your favorite memories close by. See how you can make your very own!

Roses are red… and so are lollipops! Isn’t that convenient? I sure thought it was, especially for making cute Valentine’s Day favors. Using some paper and a red (or pink, or whatever color you want really!) lollipop as the middle of the flower bulb, you can make some delicious and beautiful lollipop flowers. Click the link for instructions and give it a shot!

Small, easy-to-build, and impossibly adorable, these clothes pin love notes are the perfect little reminder to your loved ones that you care about them and want to remind them however you can. Place them around the house or use them to decorate another gift. No matter where they are, your significant other will love them.

I was today years old when I realized pretzels are conveniently shaped exactly like hearts, which also makes them the perfect base for Valentine’s Day treats! Fill out the bodies of the pretzels with chocolate and add other candies for extra decoration. Follow the link for more details on how to make these tasty creations.

If chocolates aren’t exactly your thing, then maybe try a non-traditional Valentine’s Day treat this year. Caramel apple packs make for the perfect treat for those who don’t want something too overwhelming or sweet. Package it together for a convenient and fresh treat with your other half. Click the link to see how you can make your own.

Into decorating? So are we! These paper roses are easy to make and do a great job at making the room just a little more lovely. Check out the link above for instructions.

Using prepackaged candies like Skittles or M&M’s, some clothes pins, and a head full of creativity, you can make these adorable little “love bugs”! Perfect for handing out to the class or giving to your friends, love bugs are a great favor for those who you appreciate. The instructions are simple, check out the link and give it a shot!

Ice cream cones aren’t just used for ice cream, they’re perfect for making the cutest container to hold treats. Using this guide, you can create your very own unique “candy cone” for this Valentine’s Day. Mix it up from the over-exhausted box of chocolates and give your loved ones something that has your personality behind it!