How to Package Popcorn

Sweet, savory, crunchy, and addictive. Popcorn lovers and sellers admit that popcorn is simply an enjoyable snack. With so many different flavors to try, ClearBags provides creative packaging options to match.  

Cone Bags- FDACB8

Cone Shaped Bags

If you are planning on hosting a party, reception, or event, check out these clear Cone Shaped Bags. These festive bags are perfect for a help yourself popcorn bar or a pre-filled favor for guests to take home. They have two thickness options and two sizes to choose from. Seal these up with a quick twist tie, ribbon, pre-tied bow, or a simple heat seal to keep the popcorn fresh and leave your guests wondering, “Where did they buy these?” By the way, we sell hand sealers too! 

Kraft Stand Up Pouch- ZBGW7K

How to Package Popcorn with Stand Up Pouches

Does your shop or business sell popcorn? We know the importance of presentation and standing out in a retail environment. This fall, try our Rice Paper bags for a rustic look. With colors like Harvest Cranberry, Harvest Orange, and Harvest Green, your display is sure to look warm and inviting. Our Kraft Zipper Pouches also give that homespun vibe. Take this free “kernel of wisdom,” great packaging with a great label is a marketing win! All of our Rice Paper bags, and many of our other stand up zipper bags come with an optional rectangle, clear front, or oval shaped window. This feature allows your delicious popcorn to showcase itself while leaving plenty of room for a label or sticker.   

Seasonal Pouch- Pumpkin- ZBGW3P

Seasonal Pouches

Get ahead of the holiday rush by ordering Seasonal Stand Up Pouches! Your customers will go batty over these fun and spooky bags. With a strong resealable zipper these bags are sure to keep your munchable popcorn fresh. Popcorn is a loved treat by young and old, and can bring so many unexpected customers to your door! Have them leave with a treat you are proud of inside and out. 

Popcorn Shaped Pouch- SP4P

Shaped Pouches

For many, going to the movies around the holidays is a much loved tradition. This year theater time may be a little different; home movie parties may be the big ticket. Our Popcorn Shaped Pouches are sure to be a crowd pleaser at any holiday movie party. These upbeat, charming bags give the intended joy your savory popcorn is made to give! They are pre-printed with vertical red stripes and scalloped edges on top. Simply adorable. These bags are heat sealable and have tear notches on top to make opening a breeze after sealing.  

One of our favorite year round bags are Round Bottom Gusset Bags. The Round Bottom, as described in the title, is what makes these unique bags stand out. A food safe, white cardboard insert provides a flat base for the bag to stand upright. Chocolate drizzled, sweet, popcorn can be addictively showcased through this crystal clear bag. Tie it up with colored ribbon or heat seal for extra freshness and you’re ready to go. 

Bulk Popcorn Gusset Bag- GB7

How to Package Popcorn with Gusset Bags

Looking for a more economical bag for bulk ordering? We offer a variety of gusset bags in either polypropylene or polyethylene materials. After all, popcorn is made for sharing right? Customers will appreciate the larger size option – more yummy popcorn to munch.  

Narrow Stand Up Pouches- ZBGCC3N & ZBGF1N

If you are looking for a tall and narrow option, try our ZBGCC3N or ZBGF1N Bags. These bags come in clear or frosted options and stand on their own. They also feature a ¼ inch hang hole so when shelf space isn’t available you can simply hang them in a retail setting.   

With so many different options to choose from you “pop”ably want to try more than one. When it comes to selling popcorn, samples are a loved and welcomed treat.

Flat Bottom Gusset Bag- GB8

Here at ClearBags, we want to help by offering samples as well! We offer free, mailed samples to anyone who wants to try before you buy. One of our sales representatives will be happy to help over the phone or simply request samples online here.

We want you to be successful in finding the exact packaging your sweet and savory popcorn requires. You keep your popcorn delicious, crunchy and addictive, and we will keep it fresh, stylish and eye catching!