National Bagel Day!

The best way to start off your morning is with a toasted bagel! With so many different flavors and combinations, bagels really are the ultimate breakfast food. January 15th is National Bagel Day! In honor of this national day, we wanted to share a few of our favorite bags that you can use to package yummy bagels for gifts, bakeries, farmers markets, parties, and more!

Gusset Bags

Gusset bags are designed with a little extra room for bulkier items making them ideal for bagels!

Poly Side Gusset Bags are perfect for a stack of bagels. Tie the bag off with ribbon or pre-tied bows as a cute addition to a gift or when selling homemade bagels in stores or markets.
Bag Pictured: 1GE5415
High Clarity Flat Bottom Gusset Bags really let the bagels be the star! Package bagels and some cream cheese in these bags as a nice gift or send these home with guests after an event. Fold the top down and secure with stickers or decorate with ribbons and bows.
Bag Pictured: FGCC8

Greaseproof Bags

Available in a variety of sizes and a Kraft or White colored option, these greaseproof bags are ideal for all kinds of baked goods, including bagels.

These greaseproof bags feature a side gusset so it can better hold thicker pastries, bagels, rolls, and more.
Bags Pictured: GPB5K and GPB4W

Kraft Bread Bags

Kraft Bread Bags feature a crystal clear window to really showcase your bagels, baked goods, and pastries. Available in 10 different sizes, these bags are perfect for bakeries, markets, events, parties, and more.

The window allows customers, guests, and consumers to see its contents.
Bag Pictured: KBB8
These bags are perfect for a single bagel, croissant, sweet roll, or a cookie.

Celebrate National Bagel Day with a toasted bagel and cream cheese! We’d love to see what you use to package bagels. Tag us online or comment below!

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