National Unicorn Day!

National Unicorn Day was first celebrated in 2015 to celebrate the legendary creature. Though we haven’t seen a unicorn in real life, our iridescent and holographic bags and boxes are a great way to celebrate this magical day with bright, reflective colors that are sure to stand out!

Gusset Bags

To kick-off unicorn day, we’d love to showcase our iridescent gusset bags that radiate color and give all kinds of unicorn vibes! With a little extra room for bulkier items, gusset bags are perfect for thank you gifts, party favors, events, and more! Available with a flat bottom with a paper insert or a round bottom base, these iridescent bags shine.

Perfect for gifting a candle, these bags can be closed with a ribbon, pre-tied bow, or custom label or sticker for a finishing touch!

Flat Heat Sealable Bags

Nothing says unicorn more than sparkle and shine! For a tamper resistant closure, heat seal bags come in a variety of sizes and in our holographic or glitter holographic prints. Use these sparkly bags for surprise packs for specialty cards or figurines, cookies, pet treats, or office supplies. The possibilities are endless!

SVP38H’s narrow design makes it ideal for tall, skinny items
SVP57H is part of our holographic heat seal line.

SVP46HG is part of our glitter holographic heat seal line.

Zipper Bags and Pouches

Some people speculate that unicorns in our everyday world come in all shapes and sizes (like the rhino, narwhale, and even the one-horned deer *it’s real, look it up*). Just like modern unicorns come in different sizes and styles, zipper bags and pouches are the perfect packaging solution for any kind of product, treat, or craft.

Iridescent Zipper Pouches come in 5 sizes to hold anything from candies and spices to popcorn and bath salts. Made from transparent materials, these iridescent bags show off your product with a colorful touch.

Holographic Hanging Zipper Bags are ideal for the retail environment. Available with or without a clear front, these bags can hold supplements, candy, pet treats, craft supplies, and more!

Glitter and Holographic Backed zipper bags give your

ZBGHG1NC is glitter backed but also comes in our holographic-backed design. This lets your product be seen while still allowing for a little shimmer.
HZBB33CH is just one of the many sized hanging zipper barrier bags we have available!
The ZBGI4 is ideal for bulk candy or popcorn. With an iridescent finish, this bag gives the perfect amount of shine.

Iridescent Boxes

Unicorns are one of a kind, and you definitely won’t find these iridescent boxes anywhere else! Available in our most popular sizes, these new iridescent boxes can add a little unicorn magic to your everyday packaging.

PLB105I is a perfect cube. Many of our customers use this sized box for bath bombs, macarons, crafts, cosmetics, and more!

The FB99I is perfect for one decorated sugar cookie, coasters, or a fun craft.
Nested Box Sets are a fun way to package a set of items or a variety of small candies. With individual iridescent boxes that nest perfectly inside a clear box, these are a unique way to package and gift!

NEW – Holographic Child Resistant Bags

While unicorns are for people of all ages, some products need to be kept away from children. Medicine, edibles, pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies, and more are safe and secure in Holographic Child Resistant Bags. Designed with a special child-resistant zipper that requires two-hand dexterity to open, these bags keep items safe in a fun, shiny design.

We’d love to see your Unicorn inspired products! Be sure to tag us on social media!