Back to School for Teachers: ClearBags Supplies for Your Classroom!

As a teacher, you’re not just an educator, but also a master organizer who juggles lessons, supplies, projects, and the task of keeping a classroom clean. In this post, we’ll share some of our teacher-tested favorite products that can help make classroom life a little easier by creating a more organized and efficient learning space.

Bag pictured above: ZC1212

1. Zipper Bags: Organization, Lab Kits, Projects, and Beyond

Zipper Bags have limitless capabilities. These sturdy bags are designed to keep everything contained and protected, making it a breeze to distribute materials for group work or hands-on experiments. The secure zipper closure ensures that items stay in place, preventing mix-ups or spills. With hundreds of sizes available, you can use these for a variety of options, including:

For Take Home Kits:

  • Books from the class library
  • Art projects
  • Lab kits
  • Crafts

For Board Game/Puzzle Organization:

  • Keep puzzle pieces together
  • Great for board games and small parts
  • Projects with small pieces or paper cutouts

For Snacks:

  • Sandwich sizes
  • Fruit slices
  • Crackers, cookies, and more

2. Sliding Zip Top Bags: Keeping Supplies Neat and Accessible

Slide into seamless organization with Sliding Zip Top Bags. These versatile pouches are the perfect solution for keeping pens, markers, projects, and other supplies in order. With a smooth, tactile zipper, you can easily open the bags, grab what you need, and slide it back for instant storage. Their transparent design allows you to quickly identify their contents, making it easier for both you and your students to find the supplies needed for any activity or project.

Bag pictured above: 3SZ57
Bag pictured above: B811NF. This size will perfectly hold standard letter (8.5″x11″) pieces of paper.

3. No Flap Bags: Storage, Sheet Protectors, and Interactive Learning

No Flap Bags keep papers clean from dust, spills, and fingerprints. With no flap, papers and projects can easily slip in and out for easy organization.

These versatile bags can also be used for interactive learning! They offer a reusable surface, turning regular bags into mock whiteboards. Open-ended and available in various sizes, you can easily insert worksheets, templates, or other learning materials, allowing students to write and draw with dry erase markers. It’s a budget-friendly way to engage your students while preserving your resources. So, say goodbye to making millions of copies and hello to easy worksheet practice!

4. Book Covers: Extending the Life of Library and Classroom Books

Book Covers are a teacher’s secret weapon when it comes to preserving the life of library and classroom books. These protective covers shield books from wear and tear, spills, and the general chaos of a busy classroom. By investing in book covers, you’re not only extending the life of reading materials but also teaching the value of respect for shared resources to your students.

Easy to install, these book covers are available in multiple sizes. Although these book covers are not ideal for everyday use, the packs of 25 allow you to re-cover books throughout the year.

Your classroom is a center for learning, creativity, and growth. With the right packaging solutions, you can elevate your organization game and create an environment that nurtures efficiency and engagement. With ClearBags materials, you can make sure you have supplies at your fingertips, projects are clean and organized, and books are kept safe. These products help support your teaching journey so you can simplify your life and enhance your students’ learning experience.

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