National Hot Chocolate Day!

Back in the early 500s, ancient Mayans would drink a spicy concoction of crushed cocoa seeds, water, and chili peppers. Since then, hot chocolate has evolved the convenient powdered mixes with different flavor combinations like salted caramel, white chocolate, peppermint, peanut butter cup, raspberry, and more. In more recent years, the creative and fun Hot Cocoa Bombs make a simple cup of water or milk a delicious, warm treat.

Whether you’re packaging hot chocolate powder for gifts for your neighbors or selling hot cocoa bombs at the local farmer’s market, you’ll want to make sure you have the best packaging! Check out some of our customer’s favorite options:

For Powder Mixes

Swiss Chocolatier Daniel Peter created the first hot chocolate powder mix by combining powdered milk with chocolate in 1876. Not too long after in 1961, Swiss Miss started selling a powdered hot chocolate that could be mixed with water instead of milk. These easy powdered mixes can be used for a gift, winter wedding favor, or sold in retail or market environments.

Clamp Lid Jar Shaped Pouches are a great option for powdered hot chocolate mix. Available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Large OR a Multi-Pack of all sizes), these are perfect for individual servings or mix for a dozen cups.
Kraft Mason Jar Pouches are another fun option for powdered mixes. Available in 2 sizes and the option of a clear or solid kraft front, these bags also come with or without a reusable, airtight zipper.
Shaped Pouches are a great option for gifting or retail! With clear sections to show off your product, these bags can be heat sealed for a tamper resistant closure.
The Snowman Pouch is one of our newest shaped pouches and has already proven to be a customer favorite! These cute snowman pouches feature a reusable, airtight zipper for convenience.
Unique and sure to stand out, Coffee Cup Shaped Pouches are perfect for hot chocolate mix with it’s fun design!

For an Eco-Friendly option, we have a variety of stand up pouches – including rice paper, recyclable, compostable, home compostable, and more!

Compostable pouches like the one pictured above (ZBGEO7K) come in a variety of sizes, colors, window options, and more! For a full listing of our compostable stand up pouches, click HERE.
Rice Paper Pouches can come with a clear front, horizontal window, and many other options! Pictured above: ZBGR3GRC. For a full listing of our rice paper stand up pouches, click HERE.
Recyclable Pouches come in 4 different sizes and either clear or frosted. ZBGER2 (pictured above) is the perfect size for a small amount of hot chocolate powdered mix.

For Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot Chocolate or Hot Cocoa Bombs are a chocolate sphere with a small amount of hot chocolate powder and toppings (marshmallows, candy cane pieces, sprinkles, etc.). As the hot chocolate bomb melts in hot water or milk, the chocolate powder and fun toppings can be easily mixed to make a steaming cup of chocolately goodness.

Easily package hot chocolate bombs in bags or boxes for a fun gift, party favor, or at local markets, boutiques, or more!

Round Bottom Gusset Bags are perfect for a single hot chocolate bomb or a small stack of a few. With a white paper insert on the bottom for extra stability, these bags come in 4 sizes and in clear, frosted, and iridescent finishes. For a finishing touch, tie these bags off with a pre-tied bow, ribbon, or fold down and secure with a custom sticker or label.
RPBG1 (pictured above) gives a single hot chocolate bomb an elevated look.
The iridescent finish on RPBGH3 (pictured above) is sure to stand out! This size is ideal for larger hot chocolate bombs.
Easily gift a stack of 3 hot chocolate bombs in a frosted round bottom gusset bag (RPBGF2 pictured above).
Ornamental Top Boxes like this Crystal Clear Twist Top Box are an elegant packaging solution that can make your hot chocolate bomb a classy favor or gift.
FS354 (pictured above) features a flower top. Tied off with a ribbon or piece of twine, these boxes are crystal clear to make sure your beautiful hot chocolate bars are visible.
FS352F (pictured above) is part of our Decorative Shaped Boxes line. With more shapes available, you’re sure to find the best packaging for classic round hot chocolate bombs as well as hexagonal, star-shaped, and more!

For more ideas on how to package hot chocolate bombs, check out THIS blog post!

Sip on a sweet, warm cup of hot chocolate to celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day! Tag us on Social Media to show us how you package hot chocolate powder or hot chocolate bombs!